[arch-dev-public] Xorg changes / DRM modules

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Tue Dec 22 11:31:36 EST 2009

Decision for now:

For the core/extra repository we revert all experimental Radeon code in
libdrm and go back to the old code base that doesn't support KMS/DRI2.
We also downgrade to the latest stable ati ddx driver release. This
should make things stable for most older cards using old hardware
acceleration mode. KMS can be used but MESA will fall back to software
rasterizer being slow again. We will recommend to not use KMS for now
with Radeon cards. The kernel will probably get KMS disabled by default
again. It's a step back but should solve all issues introduced by latest
KMS code changes in the unstable Ati driver code. People having new
cards will probably want to use testing then if they new fast
hardware acceleration in potential cost of stability.

MESA will be updated to 7.6.1 in extra.

Nouveau will keep having only 2D support for now in extra. No
nouveau-dri package. It's useless anyways now.

Plans for testing repository:
- update to MESA7.7 soon
- enable experimental radeon code again in libdrm
- maybe backport drm-next branch or radeon-next into a new
  optional package to get late features/fixes beyond Linus' stable
  kernels (the way we do with nouveau-drm)
- prepare gallium based driver builds
- prepare Xorg-server 1.8


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