[arch-dev-public] what about "ed" now?

tobias at justdreams.de tobias at justdreams.de
Fri Feb 6 16:01:51 EST 2009


I say keep it for standard compliance and the fact that it actually is  

However, I just wanna point out, the 'ex' binary of vim probably doubles the
functionality and it's also in core.


Quoting Andreas Radke <a.radke at arcor.de>:

> I have made a change to the patch package that "ed" is now an optional
> dependency. I've searched through our svn and all I've found is that no
> other package depends on ed. I think "ed" is still a widely used *nix
> editor and you would expect it to be there.
> What do you think? Should we just keep in in
> 1) core(-devel),
> 2) move it to extra or even
> 3) drop it at all (means community could pick it up again).
> I'm somewhat between 1) and 2). The package is still well maintained
> upstream though releases happen only rarely.
> Opinions?
> -Andy

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