[arch-dev-public] termcap-compat dependencies

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Sat Feb 14 14:13:53 EST 2009

Hello devs,

Today I was upgrading genius and found out it had dependencies on
termcap-compat. Lookin in the configure file, it checks like this:

checking for -ltermcap -> yes: link to -ltermcap, no: check for

I've seen some bugs last week that involved termcap-compat dependencies
as a result of building on a system which is not clean (to the devs not
doing it yet: build in chroots, not on your working system which is
polluted with unneeded packages and AUR stuff). These bugs were fixed by
actually adding these dependencies.

Please don't add additional dependencies like this old deprecated
termcap-compat package just because a bug was reported, but please check
out if it's really needed as dependency and leave it out when possible.

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