[arch-dev-public] new vi/vim/gvim

Tobias Kieslich tobias at justdreams.de
Mon Feb 16 02:16:56 EST 2009

Hi guys,

	just thought I'll let you know that the vi/vim/gvim layout will
change again. After some slightly heated discussion and some thinking, I
came to the conclusion that we could benefit from some different layout.
I'll spare you all the reasons, here is some reading if you are really
into it:

The new layout is pretty much settled:
nvi/core, provides vi,ex and view binary, really tiny
vim/extra, only perl support, provides runtime, no X, no whistles
gvim/extra, perl,python+ruby and gtk2, depends on vim, replaces the vim
   binary(as symlink) on install so your terminal vim is more powerful

	- changes of (n)vi in core don't stall vim updates in extra
	- no vi runtime in core cuts down the install size (about 8MB
	  compressed, 28 deflated)
	- we have a truely lightweight vim, it's something people really seem
	  to want

things left to figure out:

I really, really hope the gvim package provides a binary that can
be started as vim and runs in a terminal on a computer with no X/gtk2
installed ... I doubt it though. The reason is that I like to provide a
fully scriptable vim for sysadmins that requires no X/GTK. Otherwise I
could build the vim package with perl AND python support. It's not a big
deal but it bumps the binary size from 1.5 MB to 4.5 ... that pretty

Thoughts, opinions, complaints?


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