[arch-dev-public] catalyst-beta removed/take care of illegal stuff!

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Wed Feb 25 15:07:09 EST 2009

Today I asked Allan to remove 2 packages from AUR: catalyst-beta and

I know the situation of the catalyst driver packages isn't in the best
state. But breaking laws and license agreements can't solve this in a
proper way and we cannot allow to host this on our servers.

All members of the AMD/Ati beta project have to sign briefly an
agreement to not publish any online location where to get the source,
not publish any issues and errors that come up and they even aren't
allowed to publish anything about performance changes. Of cause you
aren't allowed to give any 3rd person the beta installer directly.

The packages in AUR had links to leaked sources directly included. All
I know this is also breaking their licenses. That's why we removed
these packages. 

TUs: Please have a look at what comes up in AUR and ask if you find
something you are not sure if it allowed to be there.

@all: don't blame me for taking you that possibility from you. Go and
send a nice thanks to AMD for not doing public beta tests.

We - the dev team will soon have to decide about future handling of the
stable but almost always broken situation of AMD drivers.


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