[arch-dev-public] Fixing licenses / sources

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 00:18:58 EST 2009

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 2:43 AM, Phil Dillon-Thiselton
<dibblethewrecker at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can help fix em if i am not treading on toes? Just a case of
> updating the pkgbuild or re-build too?

Basically, yes. I'll repost below the details I posted previously on
the private ML. Right now, I'm waiting for the errors.txt to be fixed
and to give time for more volunteers to show up hopefully. Then, I'm
thinking about creating a list of packages to go through, splitting it
in pieces and assigning the pieces.

2. Rebuild the packages with missing license. Some of them have
already the licence in trunk but they need to be rebuild.  We should
definitely use this opportunity to do a good maintenance job on them ,
i.e., check for FHS man pages, add the info pages (don't forget the
.install file) and docs in correct location, check for upstream
updates and for bug report in flyspray, etc. We could all do these
long-standing minor fixes at the same time.

3. Check the custom-licensed packages to see if they need to be added
in the whitelist. We could also check if reditribution of the binary
is allowed just in case.  If you rebuild a custom-licensed package,
please note down the package name and whether or not we need to supply
the source.  Here, it's important to keep track of which packages have
been checked.

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