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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 5 03:38:31 EST 2009

Tobias Powalowski schrieb:
>> The wireless regulatory stuff has to go as well, right? What is our
>> upgrade path for this, as most users won't just know they need to
>> install the new packages (but making them a depend is not correct
>> either)? optdepends might work here as a warning would be shown in the
>> pacman output, but I would definitely include this in the news item as
>> well.
>> -Dan
> Hrm, Thomas some input on this please. All crda and depends should move to 
> core right?
> Could you post a little summary, how the new stuff works. I use wireless but 
> don't need this regulatory stuff at all.
> thanks.

Without the regulatory stuff, some default channels will be enabled 
(like 1-11) and the old hardcoded US, JP and EU domains (via the 
cfg80211_regdom module parameter) still work (the latter will be removed 
upstream in .29).

However, to make the kernel use the correct information, you need crda. 
That is only necessary if you use channels 12-14 or 802.11a, although it 
would be best if everyone would set his regulatory domain so nobody 
accidently transmits on a prohibited channel.

I'd say we add optdepends on crda, wireless won't break for most people 
anyway. After crda is installed, all you need to do is uncomment the 
right regdom in /etc/conf.d/wireless-regdom and add wireless-regdom to 

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