[arch-dev-public] Welcome: Andrea Scarpino (BaSh)

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Fri Jan 9 14:54:22 EST 2009

Am Fri, 9 Jan 2009 13:03:43 -0600
schrieb "Aaron Griffin" <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com>:

> I'd like to welcome Andrea into the fold here. If you don't know him,
> he goes by BaSh, and has been a TU for some time. Recently, he began
> helping us out as a Bug Wrangler on flyspray, which is greatly
> appreciated.
> Pierre has been asking for help with KDE maintenance, and Andrea has
> stepped up to the plate. So please welcome Andrea on board as a new
> packager / KDE maintainer.
> Welcome!
> Andrea, if you have any questions, feel free to ask the list, or any
> of us privately.
> Cheers,
> Aaron

Welcome aboard.

Join our dev irc channel and add our IM accounts. Happy packaging!


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