[arch-dev-public] split packages (WAS: Re: Heimdal changes - moving sqlite to core?)

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 12 21:52:31 EST 2009

Thomas Bächler wrote:
> Aaron Griffin schrieb:
>> I know, at the very least, the db-scripts are going to need updating
>> to deal with split packages.
>> We may have to rethink the way we handle "repo tagging" in svn. Any
>> ideas would be appreciated.
> It could look like this:
> mysql/trunk
> mysql/repos/mysql/extra-{i686,x86_64}
> mysql/repos/mysql-clients/extra-{i686,x86_64}
> mysql/repos/mysql-libs/extra-{i686,x86_64}
> mysql-clients -> mysql
> mysql-libs -> mysql
> According to Subversion FAQ, we can use symlinks on Unix, but I don't 
> know if that will work properly with the websvn stuff.
> This way, our repository scripts would not need much work and we can 
> still upload the packages separately if we like.

That was pretty much how I was going to handle this.  All our scripts 
have the do is detect the number of elements in pkgname and do the 
appropriate thing.  I am going to start work on the devtools and 
db-scripts changes once I tidy up everything in makepkg.

Xavier wrote:
> However, it seems allan's gitweb does not work anymore, allan broke it again!
> http://dev.archlinux.org/~allan/gitweb/gitweb.cgi

 From experience, this is a permissions issue.  Dan fixed it last time 
and Jan the time before that.  I can't access the log files on the 
server anymore to confirm that is the error so can someone look for me?



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