[arch-dev-public] [signoff] glib2 2.18.4

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Thu Jan 15 13:28:17 EST 2009

Please signoff for both architectures. Though it's a "minor" update,
here's the changelog:

* Bugs fixed:
 562378 callback return value not respected...
 559110 Do not include libintl.h after glibintl.h
 562562 glib-2-18 branch does not build because...
 566348 g_file_open_tmp uses the wrong g_mkstemp on win32
 564210 SUN Studio 12 has supported visibility attribute
 567138 get_package_directory_from_module() does not free...
 561807 inotify_sub.c :: dup_dirname() fails to remove trailing '/'
 562393 g_buffered_input_stream_read_byte broken if data available
 541715 patch for warnings and signature problems in recent code
 547481 g_data_input_stream_read_line behaves not as stated...
 548163 Nautilus displays wrong error message for too long filenames
 559633 gtk_image_new_from_gicon does not always work...
 526320 should not list mounts that the user doesn't have permission
 558458 Cannot build gio tests on Solaris using SUN c
 558298 Hide ecryptfs mounts
 515777 incorrect date&time on copy
 566064 Add NOATIME flag to query_info_flags
 565484 g_content_type_guess passes non-UTF8 text to XDG functions

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