[arch-dev-public] [new package] nouveau-drm / xf86-video-nouveau

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Thu Jan 22 11:54:53 EST 2009

I'd like to bring in these packages in a slightly modified version from
AUR to testing and later to extra repos. Both packages have a nice
amount of votes in AUR.


nouveau-drm provides a mesa/drm git version with new drm-nouveau code
not yet implemented in the mainline kernel drm.ko.

xf86-video-nouveau is the opensource Xorg driver under
heavy developement. 2D support is stable using EXA and much faster than
the "nv" driver developed by Nvidia company for Xorg. I'm running the
xf86-video-nouveau driver in a DualHead configuration with RandR1.2 for
some time now. It's stable and a good opensource alternative to the
Nvidia closed one and to the slow and poor of features "nv" driver.

3D support is under development with Gallium3d and will show major
changes as well as radeon/ati and intel driver do with K(ernel) M(ode)
S(ettings). But that's something different and will happen past
Xorg-Server 1.6 and Mesa7.3.

Any objections moving in that open source driver for Nvidia cards?


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