[arch-dev-public] [signoff] fakeroot 1.12.1-1

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Jan 30 02:58:35 EST 2009

Pierre Schmitz schrieb:
> Am Sonntag 25 Januar 2009 06:45:27 schrieb Dan McGee:
>> Seemed to work OK for me earlier on x86_64 as well. As a side note:
>> Thomas and I playing around with fakeroot-ng was not quite as
>> successful.
> Too sad. The current fakeroot seems kind of broken; at least on x86_64. Afaik 
> kde3 packages, amarok2 and mplayer have to be built as root atm.
> Which problems do you have with fakeroot-ng? Does Debian already use it?

The question should be "Which problems do you NOT have with 
fakeroot-ng?". Very often it simply hangs instead of executing anything. 
  It doesn't wrap most of the system calls (at least not successfully), 
the package looks as if it was built without fakeroot in the end 
(thomas/users permissions everywhere). It is supposed to be able to keep 
a trace file so you can use permissions over several sessions, this file 
is also empty. And the latest SVN version completely floods the logfile 
(if enabled), producing a Gigabyte of data within a minute, but didn't 
do any work.

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