[arch-dev-public] New namcap version

Hugo Doria hugodoria at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 13:49:04 EDT 2009

Hi guys,

I just released a new namcap version (2.3). These are the changes:

namcap (2.3)
    - New tags:
        elffile-not-in-allowed-dirs (FS#15299)
        gnome-mime-file (checks for GNOME mime files)
        mime-cache-not-updated (checks for update-mime-database calls)
        hicolor-icon-cache-not-updated (FS#15028)
        insecure-rpath (FS#14049)
        non-fhs-info-page (FHS compliance of installed info pages)
        pkgname-in-description (pkgname should not be in description)

    - Removed tags:

    - Added rule to look for .a files with wrong permissions
    - Report dangling symlinks as an error (dangling-symlink)
    - Added sf.net urls in sfurl module.
    - Support machine-parseable tags (use -m to see them)
    - Add covered packages to dependencies
    - gnomemime uses /usr/share/ directory now
    - Removed obsolete module gnomemenu
    - Namcap now prints a warning if a package is empty
    - Prevent crash when namcap fails to open a file (FS#14371)
    - Script detection generalised, supports more scripts (FS#15160)
    - Documentation updates (manual page, AUTHORS, README)
    - Add an option to exclude some rules from the checks

I would like to thanks Abhishek Dasgupta, who helped a lot and was
very important to this release.

If you find a bug or have a feature request, please, report it on our
bug tracker. Don't be shy. :)

-- Hugo

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