[arch-dev-public] [kde-unstable] re-enabled

Eduardo Romero k3nsai at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 20:02:58 EDT 2009

On Friday 12 June 2009 05:28:15 am Pierre Schmitz wrote:
> I just got a brilliant idea: Let pacman handle all these. So I added 
a set
> of packages which will make the transition from our current KDE 
package to
> the splitted one really smooth.
> As a side effect they can be used by people who want to keep the 
> "monster" packages. By using those meta packages possible new 
packages will
> automatically installed on major updates.
> Another bonus is that we don't need to recompile third party 
packages which
> depend on certain KDE modules right now. (e.g. k3b, yakuake...)
> See the self generating PKGBUILD at
> http://repos.archlinux.org/viewvc.cgi/kde-
> meta/kde-unstable/PKGBUILD?view=markup
> I'll put that into kde-unstable soon. Let's see if that really works.
I just tested this, and it works perfectly the upgrade was so smooth. 
So far kde 4.3 is a great improvement, it does have some bugs and 
annoyances but is expected from a beta. Still kde 4.3 fixes a whole 
lot of bugs and annoyances introduced in kde4 since the beginning. 
Also it feels more polished and professional.

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