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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Jun 15 10:19:48 EDT 2009

Tobias Powalowski schrieb:
> Could it be that the new netcfg scripts are a bit buggy here, my custom bridge 
> script fails too with the same error.
> Digging a bit in netcfg code shows it uses ip link | grep UP which is not 
> working here it says UNKNOWN, maybe James can enlighten us more.

My guess as well, the link detection might be broken. netcfg should 
really have an option to force enabling the interface even if link 
detection fails.

However, when no link is detected, some ethernet drivers disable TX 
completely. When it was first introduced for my old dmfe card, it was 
broken and I could receive packets, but nothing was ever transmitted - 
after my bug report they reverted the changes and reintroduced a working 
link detection in the next version. My point is, even if you fix netcfg, 
Eric's driver might be just as broken so he still has to reconnect the 
cable to make it work.

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