[arch-dev-public] Generating rebuild lists

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Mar 2 03:27:04 EST 2009


I have attached an updated version of my rebuild list script that now 
uses readelf instead of ldd thanks to Thomas' suggestion.  The 
advantages of this compared to ldd are massive in terms of speed but 
also mean that you don't need to use a chroot to avoid false positives.

./rebuildlist /path/to/package/dir lib1 [lib2 ...]

On my laptop (not blazingly fast in cpu or hard-drive terms), this takes 
~15min to scan my package cache (all testing, core and extra and 
whatever I have from community).  So this is now reasonable for people 
to run on the new server and we will never miss a rebuild again!

Any comments on the script before I make the git patch to push it to 


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