[arch-dev-public] Move the catalyst drivers from extra to AUR/Community

Eduardo Romero k3nsai at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 09:07:32 EST 2009

This discussion have got some press coverage by phoronix:
And by distrowatch:

Well, some developers did not liked the press coverage we got from 
phoronix, I have to say, I did liked it, they made it look more dramatic than 
it was but we got outstanding support from the community. There were close 
to no one against our decision. And yes the problem in part was the poor 
quality of this drivers, so why try to deviate the attention from it?

All this have lead me to a conclusion, which was later reaffirmed by Pierrre 
publishing the percentage of use for the graphics driver in Arch Linux. Those 
results put catalyst below the open source driver xf86-video-ati.

Having seen all that, and the positive reaction of the community in the 
places where this was covered (phoronix), having the blessing of Aaron 
Griffin, and all other developers. I think it would be for the best to drop 
support from this drivers and concentrate our efforts in the drivers that 
really work, and are not but a pain to the developers.

I hereby grant the community the privilege to upload this drivers to 
AUR/Community and take good care of them. Once they are uploaded on 
AUR/Community I will proceed to delete them from extra and make a front 
page news announcement.

No other objection?

Eduardo "kensai" Romero

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