[arch-dev-public] Qt 4.5 and its problems

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Wed Mar 4 18:36:45 EST 2009

Hi all,

I just have put Qt 4.5 into testing. It should be compatible to 4.4 in most 
aspects. But we should have a look at the qt apps and see if anything broke.

For example Psi crashes on typing a message when spell cheking was enabled. 
This could be easily fixed by recompiling it.

QtCurve has some problems with the rendering of tabs. But I expect an updated 
version soon.

KDE itself seems to work fine. But there might be some rendering problems 
especially with plasma.

The main problem was phonon:
* Qt has its own version of phonon included
** it is slightly different to the one provided by KDE 
** KDE cannot compiled against this version (can be fixed by a symlink to the
   right include dir)
* The Qt version only supports the gstreamer backend
** gstreamer seems borken. It is able to play ogg etc. but fails on mpeg/mp3
  (I have every plugin installed)
* one could enable phonon in qt but remove the relevant files after install.
  With some symlinking magic and moving files arround this might even work. 
** But this would introduce a circual dependency; phonon and qt depend on each
* So, for now phonon is disabled within Qt. The downside is that video support
  in webkit is disabled, too. But webkit seems to only work with gstreamer

Well, that's the current status. If anyone has a good idea about this let me 


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