[arch-dev-public] Out-of-date orphans in repo

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 17:38:00 EST 2009


Lately, I've been updating out-of-date orphans. So far I did the ones
that were easy to update/test so this is a status report on the
remaining ones.  The purpose here is, ideally, to find maintainers for
them or at least testers (devs or users).

BTW, make sure that you are listed as maintainer for both arches of
the packages you maintain even if you can't build the package for that
architecture.  Several packages have only one of their arch adopted.
This clutters the list of orphaned and it spams the dev ML with
out-of-date notifications.

Here the commented list:

lirc :
Hugo maintains lirc-utils so I guess he should adopt it too.

Needs an updated libmpd to build. I'll email Tobias if he doesn't answer here.

Andy has started a thread for these. I'll wait where it goes.

Needs gtkglarea 2.X to build. Best way to handle this is to add a
gtkglarea2 in the repo instead of updating gtkglarea as they changed
the library name.
Other alternative, moving guile-gtk to community/AUR

One of the Haskell guy should pick it up.

Major version bump. Might have an soname bump. I'll need to check.

Package in the repo is at the latest stable (few years old). There's a
newer rc release but : do we still need this?  It's still popular
(25.39 %) though  so I could always update it to the rc release.

We have lzo2 in core.Only a community pkg depends on it so it could be
moved to community.

I believe there was a reason why it wasn't at the latest version. Is
it still the case?

I can't really test the rest. Is there anyone able/willing to test
updated packages for them?  In fact, I didn't really checked them out.
evms and exim seems important so I'm not confortable to push them even
in testing without any good testing. For the rest, if noone comes
forward, I could test them as good as I can and push them to testing
then as for testers on the arch-general ML much like I did for the
scim stuff. Moving some of them to AUR is always a possibility.


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