[arch-dev-public] Move the catalyst drivers from extra to AUR/Community

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Wed Mar 18 13:54:23 EDT 2009

It happened again: Ubuntu released a not yet published driver to their
unstable repos to prepare the 9.04 isos. See 


The driver were not even published to the AMD beta program. Not one
word on the list about any progress with Xorg 1.6. That makes sense how
they treat the community beside the holy Canonical.

Well. Our community picked it already up and pushed a package to AUR and
I think this time it's not a license violation because Ubuntu will have
received a special ok to publish this driver.

So now I'm going to remove the drivers from extra very soon. Any

I'm also going to ask to remove my account from the "beta program".
It's a pity that our community will loose this last chance to catch the
non existent support.

If you want fun, read

Read the 2nd page and think about "what the program is not"...

I'm done with this closed crap now.


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