[arch-dev-public] Kernel 2.6.29 series moved to testing

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Mar 25 08:15:34 EDT 2009

Allan McRae schrieb:
> Apart from the FPS in games going from ~50 to ~10, I have no issues 
> (with an Intel 945GM).  Going to try KMS but I haven't had much success 
> with that during the RC stage...

I have the same chipset, and with 2.6.29-rc8, compositing in KDE was 
unusable (with 2.6.28, intel 2.6.3 and UXA enabled it was fine).

About the colors: I found a message on a mailing list about it and a 
patch that was supposed to fix it, but it didn't help at all. Also, KMS 
would freeze the display (or the whole kernel, who knows) when exiting X 
sometimes and it would cause kernel oopses. KMS is only cool on the 
surface (the native resolution framebuffer, non-flickering X start and 
instant console switch are nice), but the whole implementation is immature.

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