[arch-dev-public] Kernel 2.6.29 / "mv" segfault

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Wed Mar 25 13:39:04 EDT 2009

- just fixing the broken nouveau-drm driver (kernel modules should be
  built against the new kernel...)

- I get a weird segfault in my x86_64 chroot here when trying to "mv"
  files. It leaves a .part file in the dest folder. Haven't seen this
  before. "cp" works well.

[andyrtr at workstation64 trunk]$ mv xf86-video-nouveau-20090325.tar.bz2 ~/sources/
[andyrtr at workstation64 trunk]$

[andyrtr at workstation64 trunk]$ ls -lh ~/sources/xf86-video-nouveau-20090325.tar.bz2*
-rw------- 1 andyrtr users 168K 25. Mär 17:15 /home/andyrtr/sources/xf86-video-nouveau-20090325.tar.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 andyrtr users    0 25. Mär 17:14 /home/andyrtr/sources/xf86-video-nouveau-20090325.tar.bz2.part


mv[5254]: segfault at 7ffec9988558 ip 00007f96c13643d6 sp 00007ffec9988560 error 6 in libattr.so.1.1.0[7f96c1362000+4000]
mv[5267]: segfault at 7ffeeda9a8f8 ip 00007fb3e54753d6 sp 00007ffeeda9a900 error 6 in libattr.so.1.1.0[7fb3e5473000+4000]
mv[5285]: segfault at 7ffe379cc828 ip 00007f962f3a73d6 sp 00007ffe379cc830 error 6 in libattr.so.1.1.0[7f962f3a5000+4000]
mv[5332]: segfault at 7ffe014dc338 ip 00007f67f8eb73d6 sp 00007ffe014dc340 error 6 in libattr.so.1.1.0[7f67f8eb5000+4000]
mv[5603]: segfault at 7ffe3235e198 ip 00007fe829d3b3d6 sp 00007ffe3235e1a0 error 6 in libattr.so.1.1.0[7fe829d39000+4000]
mv[5930]: segfault at 7ffe2a0b6ee8 ip 00007fb721a943d6 sp 00007ffe2a0b6ef0 error 6 in libattr.so.1.1.0[7fb721a92000+4000]

  no idea if this is coreutils or kernel related. can somebody confirm

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