[arch-dev-public] aufs / unionfs / aufs2

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Mar 28 18:14:19 EDT 2009

Aaron Griffin schrieb:
> The ISOs use unionfs, as does the devtools chroot scripts. But,
> switching to aufs seems painless. I'm not sure if the aufs2 interface
> is the same? If it is then we could easily fix up these things to
> support aufs2. What I'm saying is that we need one of these, but not
> all.

AFAIK aufs2 is just aufs rewritten to get rid of design problems, I 
guess you can use it the same as aufs. I never tried though. (For 
details, see the first link in my reply to Dan).

> As far as I know aufs is better than unionfs in all aspects, but I
> have never used aufs2. Has anyone used aufs2? Does unionfs still have
> that goofy NFS issue?
> Furthermore - which kernel patch is cleaner? That could be a decider for us too

This patch was for 2.6.28, and it only exports some symbols which are 
otherwise not exported (according to Christopher, this patch gets even 
smaller with .29):

Other than that, there is a patch for ecryptfs (I don't know why, 
probably to make it work with aufs) and a new directory fs/aufs/

About unionfs: No idea.

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