[arch-dev-public] Mysql update

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 07:36:53 EDT 2009

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Pierre Schmitz <pierre at archlinux.de> wrote:
> Am Montag, 30. März 2009 19:51:26 schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
>> Am Dienstag, 24. März 2009 12:28:25 schrieb Douglas Soares de Andrade:
>> > Hi guys,
>> >
>> > Finnaly i took some time and updated mysql to testing. I did almost all
>> > the needed rebuilds - i did not rebuilt dovecot as it needs the new
>> > libpcap, can someone build it for me ? - Im also uploading
>> > mysql-gui-tools 5.0r14 for my public page.
>> >
>> > Thanks all =)
>> I have added a todo list at https://dev.archlinux.org/todo/8/
> To speed things up I have completed the list except koffice and myodbc which
> both don't compile anymore.

I assume koffice still fails against libpqxx3. I planned to fix it by
building against a libpqxx2 package but after my initital attempt
failed I haven't had much time to look into it. I'll see if I can fix
it in the next couple of days, otherwise I'll just disable the libpqxx
backend in kexi.


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