[arch-dev-public] gcc-4.4.0 toolchain rebuild with query about gcc-gcj and related packages

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri May 1 13:17:03 EDT 2009

Andreas Radke wrote:
> Am Sat, 25 Apr 2009 21:15:08 +1000
> schrieb Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org>:
>> I am having great difficultly getting a working gcc-gcj...  It builds 
>> fine using the gcc-gcj-4.3.x package but when I rebuild eclipse-ecj
>> with the freshly built 4.4.0 package, I can not rebuild gcc-gcj
>> again. Updating eclipse-ecj to the latest build does not fix the
>> issue.  After two and a half days of trying to track this down, I am
>> ready to give up.  If someone else wants to look at this, go ahead
>> but...
>> Do we really need gcc-gcj, eclipse-ecj and java-gcj-compat any more?  
>> Reason I see for removing it:
>>  - I can't get it to build
>>  - java-gcj-compat provides java-runtime, but I checked six packages
>> in the repos against this and none actually fully worked
>>  - which also is very bad as it is the first package found by pacman
>> for java-runtime
>>  - we have a free java now in openjdk6
>> Opinions?
> I'm fine with dropping gcj and compat pkg. Not sure if eclipse-ecj
> compiler is still needed to build other packages in extra that can't be
> build with other remaining packages.

So, looking into this further, apart from java-gcj-compat and 
eclipse-ecj, we have two packages that depend on gcc-gcj (gjdoc and 
jikes) and two that makedepend on java-gcj-compat (bcprov, juint - can 
probably be changed to openjdk6), but nothing else for eclipse-ecj.   
The apache-ant and openjdk6 PKGBUILDs both mention java-gcj-compat in a 
trivial way.

So packages that would also need looked at to be removed when gcc-gcj, 
java-gcj-compat and eclipse-ecj go, are gjdoc and jikes.  Jikes is a 
orphan and dead upstream as far as I can tell.  It is also not needed 
given javac that comes with openjdk6.  gjdoc is currently only a dep for 

The only issue with packages in [community] is that classpath depends in 


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