[arch-dev-public] Audio packages

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Mon May 11 16:24:35 EDT 2009

>>> Maybe we should pull on a dev specifically interested in audio on
>>> linux for things like this. Me, I'm happy as long as I can hear it.
>> Well, it appears we have no takers for the audio related packages so maybe
>> bring someone on to do this is a good idea.
> Anyone care to right up a draft for a news item? Or do we have anyone in mind?

Are we sure we want to bring someone on for this? Traditionally, audio
development is a separate community project (ubuntustudio, for
example) due to the need for a custom kernel. It seems to me its a bit
outside the scope of our development focus.

Having said that, if there's somebody available who actually wants to
do this stuff (as compared to "I want to be an Arch dev, then I'll be
leet" -- we know how quickly that wears off...), I have no problem
with them being on the team. I just think it might be better to see it
as a successful community project first.


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