[arch-dev-public] [signoff] psmisc-22.7-1

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Thu May 14 14:35:56 EDT 2009


psmisc-22.7-1 is in testing for a minor upstream update. Please test
and signoff.

Changes in 22.7
2009-05-04 Craig Small
        * Updated Polish, Russian, Swedish and Indonesian PO files

2009-04-26 Craig Small
        * Changed fuser.1 so signal is SIGNAL to reduce confusion about wether
          or not it is a parameter Debian #517413
        * fuser.1 references pkill(1) Debian #517414

2009-03-27 Craig Small
        * Added Chinese (traditional) PO file

2009-01-14 Craig Small
        * Updated Russian PO file
        * Clarified -m and -c for fuser Debian #467289

2008-12-16 Craig Small
        * Patch from Arnaud Giersch to fix udp ports in fuser Debian #502208
        * pstree man page mentions -Z may not be available Debian #478327
        * pstree handles UTF-8 lengths much better Debian #413503
        * killall says no process found when process not found Debian #500097
        * pstree makes a bigger buffer for -al flags Debian #352603

2008-12-05 Craig Small
        * Dynamically reallocate buffer for fuser patch from Don Armstrong

2008-11-11 Craig Small
        * Updated Indonesian PO file

2008-08-09 Craig Small
        * peekfd off by one problem in fds Debian #460530

2007-11-19 Craig Small
        * Patch from Marcus Watts for better comm handling in pstree
        * Updated Hungarian po file

2007-11-13 Craig Small
        * Updated French and German po files
        * Fuser -m detects more open sockets SF patch #1728412 Thnks marienz

2007-11-07 Craig Small
        * Updated Italian, Chinese simplified, Dutch, Swedish and
Polish po files
        * Removed old fuser

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