[arch-dev-public] Integrity Check x86_64 29-05-2009

repomaint at archlinux.org repomaint at archlinux.org
Fri May 29 16:05:06 EDT 2009

= Integrity Check x86_64 of core,extra =

Performing integrity checks...
==> parsing pkgbuilds
==> checking mismatches
==> checking archs
==> checking dependencies
==> checking makedepends
==> checking for circular dependencies

Missing Makedepends
bcprov --> 'java-gcj-compat'
gnome-speech --> 'espeak'

Repo Hierarchy for Makedepends
core/crda depends on extra/python-m2crypto
core/iputils depends on extra/opensp
core/iputils depends on extra/libxslt
core/iputils depends on extra/docbook-xsl
core/madwifi-utils depends on extra/sharutils
core/e2fsprogs depends on extra/bc
core/syslog-ng depends on extra/libcap
core/sqlite3 depends on extra/tcl
core/ca-certificates depends on extra/ruby
core/madwifi depends on extra/sharutils

Missing PKGBUILDs:                     0
Invalid PKGBUILDs:                     0
Mismatching PKGBUILD names:            0
Duplicate PKGBUILDs:                   0
Invalid archs:                         0
Missing (make)dependencies:            2
Repo hierarchy problems:               10
Circular dependencies:                 0

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