[arch-dev-public] [arch-events] FrOSCon 2009

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat May 30 10:20:18 EDT 2009

I am sending a copy of this to the dev list, as few people read the 
events list:

I have registered the Arch Linux project at the FrOSCon website. So far, 
these people have confirmed their participation:

Daniel (ise)
Jens (byte)
Thomas (me)

With a big maybe: Christoph (delmonico)
An even bigger maybe: Jan (JGC)

All of you should register at https://callforprojects.froscon.org/ and 
join the Arch Linux project there. Also, others might consider joining 
us (Ronald is from the Netherlands and Dieter is from Belgium, so it's 
not too far for them (any of you guys interested?), of course anyone 
from our dev or TU team can join us, please write to the arch-events 
list or reply to this email).

We should get a booth (with 2 tables this time, yay) and a room for both 
days if they accept our application.

I think we should at least have posters and CDs this year, presentation 
machines and maybe more cool stuff, ideas are welcome.

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