[arch-dev-public] [signoff] pam-1.1.0-1

Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Tue Nov 3 04:16:23 EST 2009

new major latest version, please test it well and signoff.

I have one open feature request on pam:
I don't know if we should change the default provided upstream here.

Release 1.1.0

* Update translations
* Documentation updates and fixes

Release 1.0.92

* Update translations
* pam_succeed_if: Use provided username
* pam_mkhomedir: Fix handling of options

Release 1.0.91

* Fixed CVE-2009-0579 (minimum days limit on password change is ignored).
* Fix libpam internal config/argument parser
* Add optional file locking to pam_tally2
* Update translations
* pam_access improvements
* Changes in the behavior of the password stack. Results of PRELIM_CHECK
  are not used for the final run.

Release 1.0.90

* Supply hostname of the machine to netgroup match call in pam_access
* Make pam_namespace to work safe on child directories of parent directories
  owned by users
* Redefine LOCAL keyword of pam_access configuration file
* Add support for try_first_pass and use_first_pass to pam_cracklib
* Print informative messages for rejected login and add silent and
  no_log_info options to pam_tally
* Add support for passing PAM_AUTHTOK to stdin of helpers from pam_exec
* New password quality tests in pam_cracklib
* New options for pam_lastlog to show last failed login attempt and
  to disable lastlog update
* New pam_pwhistory module to store last used passwords
* New pam_tally2 module similar to pam_tally with wordsize independent
  tally data format
* Make libpam not log missing module if its type is prepended with '-'
* New pam_timestamp module for authentication based on recent successful
* Add blowfish support to pam_unix.
* Add support for user specific environment file to pam_env.
* Add pam_get_authtok to libpam as Linux-PAM extension.
* Rename type option of pam_cracklib to authtok_type.
Changes to initcpio pcmcia hook were needed and added in git tree, 
on next mkinitcpio bump they will be included.
- udev rules and helper programs are now installed to /lib/udev/

Tobias Powalowski
Archlinux Developer & Package Maintainer (tpowa)
tpowa at archlinux.org

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