[arch-dev-public] Cronjob for regular git garbage collection

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Nov 3 08:23:07 EST 2009

Dan McGee schrieb:
> Realize that this has drawbacks; someone that is fetching (not
> cloning) over HTTP will have to redownload the whole pack again and
> not just the incremental changeset. You may want something more like
> the included script as it gives you the benefits of compressing
> objects but not creating one huge pack.
> -Dan
> $ cat bin/prunerepos
> #!/bin/sh
> cwd=$(pwd)
> for dir in $(ls | grep -F '.git'); do
> 	cd $cwd/$dir
> 	echo "pruning and packing $cwd/$dir..."
> 	git prune
> 	git repack -d
> done

I realize that, is it something we should be really concerned about? 
With our small repositories, the overhead of downloading a bunch of 
small files might even outweigh the size of a big pack.

pacman.git is our biggest and currently has a 5.4MB pack when you gc it.

Or maybe we should prune && repack them weekly, but gc them monthly or 
every 2 months?

Last week, we had http access to http://projects.archlinux.org/git/ (not 
counting 403s and 404s) from 12 different IPs, 66 the week before that, 
then 63 and 84. I hope most people use git://.

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