[arch-dev-public] Arch Devs at ArchCon

Dusty Phillips dusty at linux.ca
Fri Nov 6 12:02:03 EST 2009

Hey guys,

I don't belong on this list anymore, but nobody had the good sense to
delete me, so here I am emulating a Travis. As some of you are likely
aware, we're planning to host an ArchCon in Toronto in July. I'm
estimating a two day conference, maybe three, but we need people to
make it interesting. Dan's already considering doing about fifty
talks, 42 of which should be pretty awesome. If the rest of you could
all do another fifty, it'd be real nice, y'know?

Well.... no, but seriously, if anyone thinks they can make it and can
do a talk or two on packaging or developing, or namcap or cat herding,
or whatever, it'd make things much cooler. I know it's a long way for
Europeans and Aussies to come, but a few North American developers
presenting would be nice. Toronto is relatively central to the
continent, so it shouldn't be too bad a trip for a lot of people.

I'd love to offer some financial assistance as incentive to come, but
I don't think we can afford it. There will be a reduction in
registration fees, but those aren't going to amount to much compared
to hotel, driving, or flight expenses. (Your primary benefit for doing
this will be the chance to meet me. I'll let the people who have had
that displeasure describe how you don't want to miss out on that

On that topic (money, not meeting me), does anyone here object to
donating a few hundred dollars of donation money to supporting the
conference? Or Schwag money (which is kind of the same thing
eventually, I dump it in donations to Aaron if I don't spend it on
more schwag, conferences, or maybe a new system for myself...)?

Also on that topic, if you know a company that may be interested in
having their name plastered all over the archcon site, the walls at
the conference, and any schwag shipped with the conference in exchange
for more monetary support, let me know. I'm only looking for a few
hundred dollars each from a few different sponsors, it shouldn't break
anyone's bank, and I don't expect anyone huge like google or oracle to
be interested.


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