[arch-dev-public] [signoff] patch-2.6

Ionut Biru biru.ionut at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 12:43:38 EST 2009

On 11/20/2009 07:24 AM, Allan McRae wrote:
> Upstream update.  Signoff both.
> Changes in version 2.6:
> * A regression test suite has been added ("make check").
> * A --merge option has been added which will merge a patch file into
> the original files similar to merge(1). See the patch(1) manual page for
> documentation.
> * Unless a filename has been specified on the command line, look only
> for filenames in the patch until one has been found. This prevents
> patch from tripping over garbage that isn't a patch. When conforming
> to POSIX, this behavior is turned off and patch will ask for a
> filename if none is found.
> * All reject files have file name headers, which allows them to be used as
> regular patches.
> * When a patch file modifies the same file more than once, patch makes
> sure it backs up the original version of the file rather than any
> intermediary versions.
> * In the above situation, if there are rejects in more than one of those
> patches, they all go into the same reject file.
> * When the file to be patched is specified on the command line, all patches
> are applied to that file. (Previously, the first patch was applied to the
> file specified on the command line, and the names of additional files to
> patch were taken from header lines in the patch file.)
> * The -r option now works correctly even if there are rejects in more than
> one file. Use the - argument to discard rejects.
> * Rejected hunks come out in unified diff format if the input patch was of
> that format, otherwise in ordinary context diff form. Use the
> --reject-format option to enforce either "context" or "unified" format.
> Timestamps and the "diff -p" (--show-c-function) output are preserved.
> Changed lines in context format reject files are correctly indicated
> with '!' markers as the format defines. Added and removed lines are
> still marked with '+' and '-', respectively.
> * The file permissions of reject files are no longer set to match the files
> they modify. Instead, they retain the default permissions. This is
> consistent with reject files produced with the -r option.
> * The --binary option disables the heuristic for stripping CRs from
> line endings in patches. This allows to preserve CRs even in mangled
> patches, or in patches generated on non-POSIX systems and without the
> --binary option.
> * Backup files for nonexisting files are now created with default
> permissions rather than with mode 0: backup files with mode 0 were
> causing problems with applications which do not expect unreadable
> files.
> * The -B, -Y, and -z options (--prefix, --basename-prefix, --suffix) now
> imply the simple version control mode, and can be combined.
> * Patch rejects more malformed normal format commands and checks for
> trailing
> garbage. It now recognizes ed commands without addresses.
> * Change the default value of PATCH_GET to 0. (Previously, the default
> was 0
> under POSIXLY_CORRECT and negative otherwise; this is causing problems
> particularly with Perforce.)
> * Handle missing timestamps better.
> * Various bug fixes.

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