[arch-dev-public] GNOME 2.28 roadmap

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Thu Oct 1 04:47:14 EDT 2009

At this moment we have a gnome-unstable repository, containing GNOME
2.28.0. This repository should be used on top of testing, though I'm
working on it to make it compatible with just extra.

- Compile packages against extra depends, not testing
- Update some packages, make both architectures identical
- Drop PolicyKit from hal, use at_console rules instead
- Port remaining policykit-enabled packages to polkit
- Drop PolicyKit completely, switch to polkit
- Rebuild remaining packages for gmime 2.4
- Look for issues with poppler 0.12, possible rebuilds ahead
- Try to track down required rebuilds because of changed dependencies
and split packages

When my todo-list above here is finished, I'll make an announcement
about it. I would like to open it for public testing and allow bugs to
be filed in flyspray. I don't want to drag this update through testing
because of the huge size: most mirrors already have these packages, and
dragging it through testing means just another resync of packages for
every mirror.

The main packaging changes in this release:
- Use devicekit-disks for volume management
- Use devicekit-power for power management
- Drop hal support from the disk backend in libgphoto
- Move from PolicyKit to polkit
- Update gdm to 2.28.
- Drop esound from the dependency tree
- Build with -Wl,--as-needed, remove unneeded dependencies
- Use the webkit backend for epiphany. Gecko is no more
- Split libsoup into libsoup and libsoup-gnome

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