[arch-dev-public] Arch Linux Status Report, 2009-10-05

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 6 03:19:10 EDT 2009

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> Arch Linux Status Report, 2009-10-05
> ===================================
> Aaron Griffin
> Yes, a new status report. I haven't put one of these out in some time, and a lot
> has happened since the last one, so bear with me here.

Woo!  Good to see one of these again.

> <snip>
> * Replacing cron with fcron
> This was brought up on the ML a bit ago. It appears that most of us are in favor
> of using fcron to replace our existing dcron. I would like someone to spearhead
> this move. Any volunteers?

I'm starting to lean towards vixie-cron as fcron still does not support 
/etc/cron.d.   Why are we switching otherwise?  Are there other issues 
with dcron?

> * Ensuring Package Quality
> We run into package quality issues every so often. No, I'm not pointing fingers
> or anything, I'm guilty of this as well. I'd like to institute some way to
> ensure that our packages are of the proper quality before they hit the repos.
> Ideas are welcome. Currently, I had the following ideas in my head:
>    * Add some token to the PKGINFO indicating that makechrootpkg was used
>      This has the con of requiring this tool, when people may be using their own
>      chroots or tools for this.
>    * Make db-scripts check packages with namcap, and reject them on errors
>      This has the con of making the db-scripts slower.
>    * Combine the above: Add a PKGINFO token from namcap
>      We should all be running namcap anyway

I'm really not sure we can force anything.  I do not build packages 
which are just a repackaging of a script in a chroot (e.g. winetricks).  
And namcap still gives some false positives, especially when doing a 
soname rebuild and then checking the package on your main system (as 
db-scripts would...).

> <snip>
> Pacman is most likely
> exempt as it is much more public and active than the other projects, unless Dan
> or Xavier feels like maintaining a list there :)


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