[arch-dev-public] GNOME 2.28 roadmap

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Tue Oct 6 04:29:58 EDT 2009

To give a status update here:

- Gtk2 has been updated to 2.18.1 and was built against libcups from
extra. Testing shouldn't be a requirement anymore, as the remaining
libraries moved to core already.
- Architectures are mainly identical now, only gtkmm is ahead on x86_64

I've done some investigation about the rest of the todo list:
- KDE doesn't support polkit in the current shape. Fedora compiles KDE
without policykit to get rid of PolicyKit 0.9x. I think we should do the
- Poppler remained ABI stable in its bindings, the only package that I
could find broken with poppler 0.12 is texlive-bin, which needs a patch
to actually compile

I hope to get some time for this the upcoming weekend. If anyone has
different views on KDE and PolicyKit, please let me know.

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