[arch-dev-public] Re-splitting gcc-{fortran,objc}?

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 15 21:30:14 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I will be doing a toolchain rebuild probably in the next few days 
(update packages to binutils-2.20, gcc-4.4.2, kernel-headers-  
and pull a "stable patchset" for glibc (what is roughly proposed for 
2.10.2 but little upstream movement on releasing...).

As I though I would bring up the possibility of resplitting gcc.  I will 
be using split packaging for gcc and gcc-libs but wondered if I should 
take it further and split out gcc-objc and gcc-fortran again).  For 
those that do not remember here is the discussion on why they were 
.  Essentially, features break if you do not build all the compilers in 
one go.  Now we have package splitting, this is not an issue.

So if splitting these is OK:
1) where do fortran and objc libs go?  gcc-libs or their own package.  
The later requires dependency fixing...
2) can I bring in a gcc-ada package at the same time?  I have a local 
gcc package that I can use to bootstrap it.


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