[arch-dev-public] Bringing WindowMaker forward

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Sun Sep 13 13:03:24 EDT 2009


I know that most of you doesn't really use WindowMaker or think it's
obsolete. Nevertheless I use it daily at my main desktop and I'm very
happy with it. Sadly there were no release since 4 years! :(

At the moment there are some very active developers which forked the
actual last CVS snapshot of WindowMaker and doing a lot of work with
new features and bugfixes. 

The mailinglist of WindowMaker is very active with those developers and
it looks promising. I have used there GIT snapshot since a few days and
it looks very good.

I would like to replace our official package with a regular updated GIT
snapshot package to give the new developers as much feedback as
possible and to give our WindowMaker users a more fresh WindowMaker
than the 4 years old one.

Any objections in doing this?


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