[arch-dev-public] openldap build options

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Sep 14 02:18:10 EDT 2009


For the upcoming {lib,open}ldap update, there are a few bug that can be 

FS#12946 - [openldap] Please unsplit
I see no issue with joining openldap and openldap-clients.  It adds no 
new deps to openldap and only increases the package size by a small 
amount.  Any reason they were split?  I understand the splitting of libldap.

FS#14598 - [openldap] enable slapd overlays (slapo)
This is a tougher one...  Adding the "--enable-overlays=mod 
--enable-modules=yes" configure flags results in a whole lot of libtools 
files that appear to actually be needed (binaries link to libltdl).  I 
know not a lot about this so am unsure how to proceed.

As an aside, we will probably end up being the only Linux distro with 
files in this package linked to libfetch.


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