[arch-dev-public] [draft] PHP 5.3 enters [extra]

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sun Sep 20 09:15:31 EDT 2009

Here is a draft for an announcement about the new php packages we currently 
have in testing. They will be moved together with the libldap and postgres 
The new major PHP 5.3 release is finally available in the [extra] repository. 
This update will require manual adjustments:
* update your php.ini; see php.ini.pacsave as reference
* module path is now /usr/lib/php/modules
* session, mbstring and zlib are now built in
* the fileinfo module is now built in and no longer a separate package
* mysqlnd is anabled; so libmysqlclient is no longer needed
* Setting default-character-set in my.cnf may cause encoding problems
* Set date.timezone in php.ini
* third party extensions need to be updated
* There are also new versions of the suhosin and apc extension
  make sure to review their configuration as well

PHP was split into the following packages:
* php
* php-apache
* php-cgi
* php-curl
* php-enchant
* php-gd
* php-gmp
* php-intl
* php-ldap
* php-mcrypt
* php-odbc
* php-pear
* php-pgsql
* php-pspell
* php-snmp
* php-sqlite
* php-tidy
* php-xsl

If you are using php on a webserver you either need the cgi or apache sapi. 
The sqlite package includes the sqlite3 drivers; the legacy sqlite2 drive is 
included in the php package itself.

Pierre Schmitz, http://users.archlinux.de/~pierre

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