[arch-dev-public] [signoff] lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.62-1

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 00:52:34 EDT 2010


 lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.62-1 are now in testing:

- minor upstream update (ChangeLogs below)
- license fix: ('GPL') -> ('GPL2' 'LGPL2.1')

Please test and signoff.  Signoffs from users are welcome.


Version 2.02.62 - 9th March 2010
  Add use_mlockall and mlock_filter to activation section of lvm.conf.
  Add default alternative to mlockall using mlock to reduce pinned memory size.
  Remove -rdynamic from static builds.
  Update checks for pthread, readline & selinux libs and link only when needed.
  Introduce makefile vars UDEV_LIBS, DL_LIBS, SELINUX_LIBS, STATIC_LIBS.
  Toggle configure help to print --disable-fsadm.
  Use $() instead of ${} consistently for all Makefile variables.
  Replace CFLOW_CMD only in make.tmpl and use it as variable elsewhere.
  Use $(top_builddir) for inclusion of make.tmpl in Makefiles.
  Fix autoconf warning about ignored datarootdir.
  Increase AC_PREREQ version to 2.61 (for AC_PROC_SED, AC_PROG_MKDIR_P).
  Handle misaligned devices that report alignment_offset of -1.
  Extend core allocation code in preparation for mirrored log areas.
  Rewrite clvmd init script.
  Remove lvs_in_vg_activated_by_uuid_only call.
  No longer fall back to looking up active devices by name if uuid not found.
  Don't touch /dev in vgmknodes if activation is disabled.
  Update lvm2app.h Doxygen comments and add lvm2app Doxygen config file.
  Update nightly tests and lvm2app unit tests to cover tags.
  Add lvm2app functions lvm_{vg|lv}_{get|add|remove}_tag() functions.
  Add dm_pool_strdup to allocate and copy memory in tag library function.
  Refactor vgcreate, vgchange, and lvchange for tag library function.
  Refactor snapshot-merge deptree and device removal to support info-by-uuid.

Version 1.02.45 - 9th March 2010
  Add --showkeys parameter description to dmsetup man page.
  Add --help option as synonym for help command.

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