[arch-dev-public] testing repo cleanout

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Apr 9 00:39:36 EDT 2010

Now the big rebuild is moved, it is a good time to clean out the rest of 
[testing].  Here is a semi-annotated package list:

Waiting for signoff   (needed arch):
device-mapper 2.02.62-1  (both)
dmraid 1.0.0.rc16-3  (both) - old just move it.
kernel26-lts   (x86_64)
kernel26-lts-headers   (x86_64)
lvm2 2.02.62-1    (both)
mdadm 3.1.2-2    (i686)   -  old, just move it.
sqlite3    (x86_64)
tzdata 2010h-1   (x86_64)

dash   - currently not built static
ettercap NG_0.7.3-15    -  openssl rebuild ?!?
haskell-binary   -  not in any other repo
krusader 2.1.0beta1-1   - beta testing
nxclient   - just an update?
nxserver 3.4.0-3   - just an update?


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