[arch-dev-public] [signoff] mdadm-3.1.3-1

Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Sat Aug 7 01:34:40 EDT 2010

This is a bugfix/stability release over 3.1.2

Significant changes are:
  mapfile now lives in a fixed location which default to
/dev/.mdadm/map but can be changed at compile time.  This
	location is
choses and most distros provide it during early
	boot and preserve it
through.  As long a /dev exists and is
	writable, /dev/.mdadm will be
	Other files file communication with mdmon live here too.
fixes a bug reported by Debian and Gentoo users where
	udev would spin in
   -    IMSM and DDF metadata will not be recognised on
        as they should only be used on whole-disks.
Various overflows causes by 2G drives have been addressed.
   -    A
subarray of an IMSM contain can now be killed with
Also subarrays can be renamed with
   -    -If (or
--incremental --fail) can be used  from udev to
        fail and remove from
all arrays a device which has been
	unplugged from the system.  i.e.
   -    "mdadm /dev/mdX --re-add missing" will look for
any device
        that looks like it should be a member of /dev/mdX but
	and will automatically --re-add it
   -    Now compile with -Wextra
to get extra warnings.
   -    Lots of minor bug fixes, documentation
improvements, etcc

Please signoff both arches,
Archlinux Developer & Package Maintainer
tpowa at archlinux.org

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