[arch-dev-public] FluxBB update round two

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Tue Aug 10 02:38:29 EDT 2010

On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 00:05:42 -0500, Dan McGee <dpmcgee at gmail.com>
> On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 11:55 PM, Pierre Schmitz <pierre at archlinux.de> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> there is a new FluxBB release (1.4.2:
>> http://fluxbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=4504) I have tested the update
>> locally (with innodb this time). They have enlarged the post.message
>> column from text to mediumtext. Unfortunately this means rewriting the
>> whole table for innodb; so their web update script cannot be used. (yes,
>> I already complained and will open a bug report)
> Web update scripts are shit anyway. That has to be partly to blame for
> the long upgrade the last time.

Yes, had a discussion about that with them on irc yesterday. Hopefully
we'll get an cli updater in future.

>> My plan is to issue the following command manually before the update:
>>  alter table posts change message message mediumtext
> ALTER TABLE posts MODIFY message mediumtext;
> will probably work without needing to "rename" the column.

This takes about the same amount of time; it's probably doing the same
thing internally anyway.

>> This takes about 10 minutes here and it seems the DB is not locked
>> during that time. (So, is it correct that we can keep the forums online
>> then?) If nobody objects I'll do the update tonight. (about now + 13h)
> Do what you want, but it would be good to have an error page up this
> time on the forum itself, rather than the HTTP password box that was
> there last time confusing all sorts of people. When things go longer
> than planned it is always a good thing to not have to hassle with it
> later. It is really easy, adapt accordingly (although the image is
> still there):
>     Order deny,allow
>     Deny from all
>     Allow from
>     ErrorDocument 403 "<html><head><title>Down for
> maintenance</title></head><body><div align='center'><h1>The Arch Linux
> main site is down for maintenance.<br />Please try again
> later.</h1><img
> src='http://dev.archlinux.org/~dan/funny-pictures-cat-wonders-if-he-is-broken.jpg'
> /></div></body></html>"

First of all I have correct my statement. I have to take the forums
offline. While you can still read from that table during that operation,
write attempts are blocked. I'll put the forum in maintenance mode
during that time then. (thanks for the link to the lolcat btw :-)) I ask
every admin to not touch anything while maintenance mode is enabled. It
should take about 15 minutes.

Btw: I tried your approach to block everyone but me last time but for
some reasons it didn't work. It looked like the "allow from" directive
was ignored. A few days ago I noticed that ipv6 is enabled...might that
be a reason? So you need to use "Allow from ::ffff:".



Pierre Schmitz, https://users.archlinux.de/~pierre

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