[arch-dev-public] [signoff] syslog-ng-3.1.2-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Aug 14 02:15:07 EDT 2010

Upstream changelog:

* This release changes the default for 'store-legacy-msghdr' flag
   for log sources.  In previous releases this had to be enabled
   explicitly, because of the performance penalties, which do not
   apply to 3.1. The original behaviour can be restored by explicitly
   specifying 'dont-store-legacy-msghdr'.

* When syslog-ng is reloaded, the local hostname value was not
   refreshed, causing syslog-ng to remember the hostname until the
   next restart. This may not play nice with DHCP configured
   hostnames, which may change dynamically.
* When several SIGHUP signals are received in quick succession, the
   last one may have been dropped. This problem is fixed.
* Make sure that numbers never get resolved using getpwnam/getgrnam
   (e.g.  libnss functions), because this may cause deadlocks if the
   NSS provider is LDAP and the LDAP server is trying to log a
   message to syslog about invalid usernames.
* Fixed flush_timeout() handling in for non-file destinations.
   Enabling flush_lines()/flush_timeout() for a non-file destination,
   either using a global option, or a per-destination option could
   cause excess CPU usage as long as the destination wasn't writable.
* In case patterndb has a syntax error when reloading the file,
   syslog-ng automatically reverts to the old version instead of
   dropping pattern matching altogether.
* Fixed pdbtool to properly handle accented characters in the
   command line.
* Fixed the use of the greedy and drop-invalid flags for csv-parser.
* Fixed a possible but rare memory leak in the handling of message

Other changes:
* Added "update-patterndb" command that merges patterndb files from
   ${sysconfdir}/patterndb.d and produces ${localstatedir}/patterndb.xml,
   the default file of the db-parser().
* Make it possible to specify the path to the syslog-ng control
   socket using a command line option in order to make it easier to
   launch multiple syslog-ng instances.
* Introduced a new, cleaner syntax to specify that the permissions
   of a file are not to be changed. Use owner/group/perm options of a
   file without any parameters instead of "-1". The old mechanism had
   the problem that both per-file and global settings had to use "-1"
   to effectively stop syslog-ng from changing the uid/gid/perm
   values. The new syntax will make it possible to specify defaults
   the global options section and customize those on a per-file
* syslog-ng will not go into the background if either the
   --syntax-only or --debug options are specified.

* Added SSL support.
* Added the ability to read from a sample file

Signoff both,

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