[arch-dev-public] glibc and minimum kernel version

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Dec 11 10:49:45 EST 2010


I am in the progress of updating the toolchain and thought it time to 
review what our minimum required kernel version is for glibc.

For those that do not know, assuming a newer kernel allows glibc to have 
less workarounds compiled in.  So it may be advantagous to have a more 
recent version as the minimum required.  This comes at the obvious cost 
of not having support for older kernels so a tradeoff is needed... When 
we discussed this 18 months ago, it was decided 2.6.18 was appropraite 
then, but much has changed since.

I am going to suggest that we follow the oldest longterm support kernel. 
  That would now be the 2.6.27.x series, which has been around for over 
two years.

That might be being overly bold, so feel free to point out how much such 
an update would break...  and suggest an alternative minimum.


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