[arch-dev-public] [signoff] subversion 1.6.15-1

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sun Dec 19 12:18:30 EST 2010

At long last, subversion 1.6.15-1 is ready for signoff. Especially since 
it's been a long time since I've updated this package, try some 
probably-unique things you do with svn and see if they give you any trouble.

Full changelist is below. No substantive changes to the PKGBUILD.

- P


Version 1.6.15
(26 Nov 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

   User-visible changes:
    * improve svnsync handling of dir copies (r962377, -8)
    * hide unreadable dirs in mod_dav_svn's GET response (r996884)
    * make 'svnmucc propsetf' actually work (r1005446)
    * limit memory fragmentation in svnserve (r1022675)
    * fix 'svn export' regression from 1.6.13 (r1032970)
    * fix 'svn export' mistakenly uri-encodes paths (issue #3745)
    * fix server-side memory leaks triggered by 'blame -g' (r1032808)
    * prevent crash in mod_dav_svn when using SVNParentPath (r1033166)
    * allow 'log -g' to continue in the face of invalid mergeinfo (r1028108)
    * filter unreadable paths for 'svn ls' and 'svn co' (r997026, -070, 
    * fix abort in 'svn blame -g' (issue #3666)
    * fix file handle leak in ruby bindings (issue #3512)
    * remove check for 1.7-style working copies (issue #3729)

   Developer-visible changes:
    * improve some swig parameter mapping (r984565, r1035745)
    * improve test accuracy over dav (r991534, r877814)
    * create fails.log for test runs (r964349)
    * improve detection of 'svnversion' when buildling (r877219, et al)
    * don't violate API layering in dumpstream logic (issue #3733)
    * don't report working copy installs as switched (r1033921)

Version 1.6.14
(Not released, see changes for 1.6.15.)

Version 1.6.13
(01 Oct 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

   User-visible changes:
    * don't drop properties during foreign-repo merges (issue #3623)
    * improve auto-props failure error message (r961970)
    * improve error message for 403 status with ra_neon (r876615)
    * don't allow 'merge --reintegrate' for 2-url merges (r959004)
    * improve handling of missing fsfs.conf during hotcopy (r980811, -1449)
    * escape unsafe characters in a URL during export (issue #3683)
    * don't leak stale locks in FSFS (r959760)
    * better detect broken working copies during update over ra_neon 
    * fsfs: make rev files read-only (r981921)
    * properly canonicalize a URL (r984928, -31)
    * fix wc corruption with 'commit --depth=empty' (issue #3700)
    * permissions fixes when doing reintegrate merges (related to issue 
    * fix mergeinfo miscalculation during 2-url merges (issue #3648)
    * fix error transmission problems in svnserve (r997457, -66)
    * fixed: record-only merges create self-referential mergeinfo (issue 
    * fixed: 'SVNPathAuthz short_circuit' unsolicited read access (issue 
             See CVE-2010-3315, and descriptive advisory at
    * make 'svnmucc propset' handle existing and non-existing URLs 
    * add new 'propsetf' subcommand to svnmucc (r1000612)
    * warn about copied dirs during 'svn ci' with limited depth (r1002094)

   Developer-visible changes:
    * make ruby bindings compatible with Ruby 1.9 (r957507)
    * use the repos verify API in JavaHL (r948916)
    * teach ra_serf to parse md5 checksums with update editors (r979429)
    * let ra_serf work with current serf releases (r879757, r880320, 

Version 1.6.12
(21 Jun 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

   User-visible changes:
    * further improvements for issue #3242
    * allow deletion of uris which need character escaping (issue #3636)
    * fix errors with 'svn mkdir --parents' (issue #3649)
    * update address to which crash reports are sent (r901304)
    * check for server certificate revocation on Windows (r898048)
    * disable custom file mutexes on Windows (r879902, -16)
    * fix handling of peg revision'd copy targets (issue #3651)
    * more improvements to 'svn merge --reintegrate' (r935631)
    * allow copying of broken symlinks (issue #3303)
    * improve rep-sharing performance on high-concurrency repos (issue 
    * fixed: added subtrees with mergeinfo break reintegrate (issue #3654)
    * fixed: assertion triggered by tree-conflicted externals (issue #3469)

   Developer-visible changes:
    * give windows devs more flexibility with sqlite versions (r944635)
    * allow the pack tests to work with low file descriptor limits (r937610)
    * improve exception handling on Windows Vista and 7 (r878447, -910, 

Version 1.6.11
(19 Apr 2010, from /branches/1.6.x)

  User-visible changes:
   * fix for repositories mounted via NFS (issue #3501)
   * enable TCP keep-alives in svnserve (r880552)
   * tighten restrictions on revprops for 'svnadmin verify' (r904594)
   * make ra_serf give better out-of-date information (issue #3561)
   * improve error message upon connection failure with svn+ssh:// (r922516)
   * allow 'svn log' on an uncommitted copy/move destination (r901752)
   * make 'svnadmin hotcopy' copy the fsfs config file (r905303)
   * mergeinfo improvements with non-inheritable mergeinfo (issue #3573)
   * make mergeinfo queries not require access to the repo root (issue 
   * update URLs to refer the new apache.org repository (r904301, -94)
   * update relative externals during a switch (issue #3390)
   * fix 'merge --reintegrate' with self-referential mergeinfo (r892050, 
   * improve wc-ng working copy detection (r929382)
   * improve handling of mergeinfo when using serf (r880461)
   * fixed: 'svnlook plist --revprop' with '-t TXN_NAME' (r917640, -8211)
   * fixed: file external from URL cannot overwrite existing item (issue 
   * fixed: potential memory error in 'svn status' (r923674, -9)
   * fixed: merge records mergeinfo from natural history gaps (issue #3432)
   * fixed: theoretical possibility of DB corruption (r926151, -67)

  Developer-visible changes:
   * disable checks for wc-ng working copies when running the test suite
   * on Windows, don't ignore move operation error codes (r896915)
   * more precise reporting of errors occuring with sqlite init 
(r927323, -8)
   * ensure rangelist APIs are commutative (r923389, -91)

Version 1.6.10
(Not released, see changes for 1.6.11.)

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