[arch-dev-public] cloog future - new packages

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Dec 31 20:34:58 EST 2010


Currently we have a cloog-ppl package in [core] as a dependency for gcc. 
  That is based on a two year old fork of cloog to the ppl backend for 
licensing reasons.

Now upstream cloog [1] have made a new release with a new backend (isl 
[2]) that is appropriately licensed for gcc usage.  This backend is 
preferred by cloog upstream and the gcc/graphite developers intend to 
fully switch to it [3].

To allow me to test this some more, I am bringing a package for isl and 
cloog into [testing].  isl can be built using piplib, but I will make a 
decision is that is worth doing later...  These packages will sit in 
[testing] until gcc-4.6 is released (probably a month or two away).

I will also adjust the current cloog-ppl package to install its headers 
elsewhere to avoid conflicts with the new cloog package and probably do 
the cosmetic rebuild of gcc with the adjusted configure option to detect 
these headers.

[1] http://www.cloog.org/
[2] http://www.kotnet.org/~skimo/isl/


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