[arch-dev-public] new virtuoso requires user intervention

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Wed Feb 3 18:34:08 EST 2010

the new virtuoso 6.1.0 is out and is supported by nepomuk now.
The database format changed significantly between Virtuoso 5 and 6, then if you 
want to keep your tag/data you must follow this steps *before* upgrade:
- shutdown Nepomuk;
- update virtuoso;
- run the converter[1];
- start Nepomuk

More info on this link[2].


[1] http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=119661
[2] http://trueg.wordpress.com/2010/02/04/just-in-time-for-kde-sc-4-4-

Andrea `bash` Scarpino
Arch Linux Developer

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