[arch-dev-public] Fwd: Perl packaging guidelines.

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Feb 6 10:29:34 EST 2010

On 06/02/10 09:28, Aaron Griffin wrote:
> Message below is trimmed, but the summary is:
> pacpan (CPAN wrapper for pacman packages) has been updated with gusto.
> There is a request to include using pacpan as part of the official
> guidelines for packaging perl apps for Arch. I think this is a good
> idea, but it leaves me wondering what we should do with the tool
> itself - should we be hosting it in the git repos?
> What do you guys think?

I'm not sure about the idea.

 From what I understand, Perl comes in CPAN "distributions", which 
contain some modules.  We take a "distribution" and make a package. 
This script fills out a provides array with all modules that are part of 
the package and makes the dependencies be these modules.  That may be 
technically more correct, but the sacrifice is a lot of complexity that 
I am not sure is really needed.

How often do modules swap from one "distribution" to another? 
Robustness to that is the only advantage I see here.  I might be missing 

Saying that, in total perl modules on my system are what is needed for 
SDL_perl (yay frozen bubble!) and that is the limit of the perl 
packaging I have to deal with.


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